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Successfully managing a casino fundraiser night can be overwhelming if you do not have much knowledge or expertise in that field. If your primary goal is to raise money for your organization, cause or charity we will gladly provide you with more casino-theme party information including the Casino Fundraiser Planning Guide and the Casino Party Checklist.

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  • Three of Clubs ($1075, 35 Guests/25 Players)
  • Five of Hearts ($1775, 50 Guests/32 Players)
  • Seven of Diamonds ($2475, 32 guests/50 players)
  • Nine of Spades ($3175, 100 Guests/65 Players)
  • Queen of Diamonds ($4250, 150 Guests/90 Players)
  • King of Hearts ($6000, 200 Guests/125 Players)
  • Ace of Spades ($8070, 300 Guests/170 Players)
  • Wildcard Package – Custom Packages
  • Unknown At This Time – More Detail Needed
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Current 10% Discount for Non-Profits with Tax-ID.
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Successful Casino Fundraisers Don't Happen By Accident

If you’re responsible for/or represent a non-profit organization or charity, you cannot afford to fall short of fundraising goals. Failure to manage and meet revenue and experience expectations at the annual fundraiser makes for a difficult and underfunded year. Often reputations are at stake.

Professional Casino Night Services You Can Count-on;

  • Experienced professional partner for the best value
  • Logistical planning and proper documents & permits
  • Show-up, set-up, and ready to go 15-minutes ahead
  • Premium casino gaming tables, roulette wheels & equipment
  • Friendly, experienced and informative professional dealers
  • Unlimited casino theme customization options
  • Additional Casino-Theme Party Options 

Partner with 212 CASINO and... You're Holding All the Cards! 

A successful Fundraiser Casino Party requires advanced strategic planning, and usually includes live entertainment, catered food & drinks, sponsorship’s and auctions, ticket sales, documentation for the venue and tax deductible donations, and more. That’s a lot of moving parts. 

With +20 years of experience, trust us to expertly plan and perform the CASINO PART of the Fundraiser Casino Party, so you can focus on other obligations without worry. 

Beware of Casino Fundraiser Risks

Casino Night Parties are a lot of fun, and you can “do it yourself”, if that make sense for you. We’re happy to provide free casino theme party ideas and casino fundraiser party planning information to help.

If you require reliable professional help and support, and are planning a successful casino fundraiser, your goals and the cost are clearly important factors. Please review our range of complete Casino Party Package options, and choose the best package to fit your event and budget.

Take caution of the following risks of not hiring qualified, experienced and licensed and insured casino fundraiser/party professionals.  

  • Lack of professional gaming experience and planning
  • Vendors without premium gaming tables & equipment
  • Vendors that do not employ experienced professional dealers
  • Vendors that do not have business liability insurance

Complete Casino Party Packages

The following Complete Casino Party Packages serve between 35 – 300 Guests. The prices below represent the 50% deposit required to secure the date and service described. 

We Put the "Fun" in Casino Party Fundraiser

In general; play money* is “purchased” as a donation or included in the event ticket price. Play money is exchanged for chips at the casino tables.

The House Always Wins!

Guests exchange chips for raffle tickets during the party, in the hopes of winning donated prizes.

Simulated gambling lasts 4 hours.

Avoid Failed Expectations & Damaged Reputations

Party planning and management already ranges from “challenging to overwhelming” for most non-professionals. The last thing you want is the “casino-part” of the casino fundraiser to fail to meet expectations… or damage reputations. Please take a few minutes to read about past customer experiences. 

Fundraiser Casino Night was the absolute most successful fundraising event we have ever performed. 212 CASINO are real pro's.

Elgin Harkin
Founder & CEO
August 31, 2018

We hired the Casino Night for my 50th birthday. Everyone had fun. We hired hostesses, and the cigar bar/rolling for complete a party-theme that the guys had fun with too!

John Borthwick
50th Birthday
February 9th, 2018






January 11, 2019
I Booked on the Website
I needed fundraising ideas and I found the 212 CASINO website, and called (800) 229-7278. All my questions were answered and we chose to book the Seven of Diamonds casino package.
January 11, 2019
March 8, 2018
Professionals with a Plan
I had so much going on. It was so helpful to work with professionals that understand logistics and know exactly how to work with non-profits. The Casino Fundraiser's Guides and the Checklist were also a big help in planning the entire event.
March 8, 2018
April 8, 2019
Together, We Did It!
The annual fundraiser was a huge success! This was the first time we met our funding goal, and I've never seen so many people having so much fun at our events before. Who knew gambling could be so much fun when there is no real risk of losing.
April 8, 2019
April 11, 2019
We Made Our Goal It!
It's my pleasure to recommend 212 CASINO because they really helped me manage our best fundraising event ever. If you are part of a non-profit that needs to raise funds, "casino fundraiser" is the way too go.
April 11, 2019