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Fundraiser Casino Night

 212 CASINO brings the experience and the professional Las-Vegas-style tables and knowledgeable dealers to make sure everyone plays and has a great time! The atmosphere and excitement of safe simulated gambling tends to bring out the “Whales” and additional donations from “Players” you never expected. 

For NPO’s seeking new fundraising ideas…


Free Guide to Successfully Meeting Casino Fundraiser Goals + Quick Start Guide

Non-profit Organizations must raise funds in order to do good work and operate. Fundraiser casino parties put the “fun” in fundraiser. The concept of “gambling”, when paired with donating is a natural transition and a lot of fun.

Casino Fundraising Ideas

Casino Night is a great idea to brand your organization and also the brand your corporate sponsors. Impress and raise money for your cause with an event that gives everyone, from kids to adults to distinguished elders, a reason to dress up and play games together. Access or Download the Free Guide to Successfully Meeting Casino Fundraiser Goals.

Opportunity for Excitement and “Fun” Fundraising

Fundraiser Casino’s present a unique opportunity for your fundraising organization to gain attention and distinguish itself in a bottomless sea of requests for time and donations. 

Putting together a successful charity fundraising event will be a lot of work, but it’s nearly impossible unless you’re well organized and plan ahead. Jobs could be on the line.

Failure to meet financial goals will lead to a underfunded organization that is unable to effect the desired change and may potentially cause the loss of jobs and opportunities. 

Casino Night Fundraisers

Professional Casino Night Services:

  • Experienced professional partner for the best value
  • Logistical planning and proper documents & permits
  • Show-up, set-up, and ready to go 15-minutes ahead
  • Premium casino gaming tables, roulette wheels
  • Friendly, experienced professional dealers
  • Unlimited casino theme customization options